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Globe4Globe 2021 Symposium Videos

Captioned recordings of all of the presented papers at Globe4Globe: Shakespeare and Climate Emergency, hosted virtually by Shakespeare's Globe (UK), 23-24 April, 2021.

Sponsored by Shakespeare's Globe, in collaboration with University of California (Merced)
Symposium organizers: Will Tosh and Zoë Morrall (Globe) and Paul Prescott and Katie Brokaw (UC Merced).
Thank you to our video editors: Will Darpinian, Brandon Cooper, and Rilee Hoch, and our captioners: Oliver Webster, David Bellwood, and Amanda Bavin
The First Annual Globe4Globe conference is dedicated to the memory of Emily Fournier, founder of Recycled Shakespeare Company.
Learn from her about her work here, and watch our tribute to her here.

Link to playlist with all presentations


With Globe Artistic Director Michelle Terry and Paul Prescott (UC Merced) [Bios, PDF]

Shakespeare and the Planet: Keynotes (15-20 minute videos)

Where Does The Story Meet the Earth?: Madeline Sayet (Theatre director and Arizona State University) 

Activating Environmental Consciousness through ShakespeareRandall Martin (University of New Brunswick, Canada)

Using Shakespeare to Change Hearts and MindsSolitaire Townsend (Futerra, UK)

[Speaker Bios] [Keynote Abstracts]

Producing Eco-Shakespeare: Company Practices (10 minute videos)

Entire Session

Shakespeare in Paradise (Nicolette Bethel and Philip Smith, Nassau, Bahamas) [link to company website]

The Handlebards (Paul Moss and Tom Dixon, UK) [link to company website]

Shakespeare in Yosemite (Katie Brokaw with Jessica Rivas, Cathryn Flores, Ángel Nuñez and Sofia Andom, California, USA) [link to company website]

The Willow Globe (Sue Best and Philip Bowen, Wales) [link to company website]

Butterfly Theatre (Tracy Irish and Aileen Gonsalves, UK) [link to company website]

3-minute video: Emily Fournier, Recycled Shakespeare Company (Maine)

[Speaker Bios]

Eco-Shakespearean Projects (15 minute videos)

Entire session

Evelyn O'Malley and Chloe Preedy (Exeter Univ, UK): Atmospheric Theatre: Open Air Theatre and the Environment [Link to project website]

Randall Martin (University of New Brunswick, Canada): Cymbeline in the Anthropocene [link to project website]

Gretchen Minton (Montana State and Montana InSite Theatre): Timon of Anaconda 

Speaker Bios

Eco-Shakespearean Perspectives (10 minute videos)

Alys Daroy (Monash U. Australia): The Living Globe: Biophilic Shakespeare

Sophie Chiari (Université Clermont Auvergne, France): ‘Is there not rain enough in the sweet heavens’?: Rain on the early modern stage

Patrick Lonergan (National University of Ireland, Galway): Shakespeare and the Orbis Spike –Theatre Histories for the Anthropocene Era

Bill Kroeger (Oxford, UK): All the World’s a Stag: As You Like It’s Ecologies of Exile 

Claire Frampton: Shakespeare in anti-oil sponsorship protests: the story of BP or not BP

Theo Black (Cornell U, UK): To Trade and Traffic in Affairs of Breath: Shared Air in Macbeth

Phillip Parr and collaborators (Parrabola, UK and Romania): This Distemperature - a conversation between William Shakespeare and The Environment

Ilana Gilovich (Columbia U, USA): The Pathos of Place in San Zimske Noci / Midwinter Night’s Dream (dir. Goran Paskaljevic, Serbia, 2004)

Claire Hansen (James Cook U, Australia): ‘Where the place?’ Shakespeare in the tropics: place-based approaches to teaching Macbeth in regional Australia

Ronan Hatfull (Warwick, UK): The Handlebards and sustainable Shakespearean energy 

Hanh Bui (Bradeis, USA and Shakespeare's Globe): Youth, Age, and Pastoral Guardianship

Sujata Iyengar (University of Georgia, USA): ‘Maiden['s] Blossoms’: A Meditation on Climate Grief

[Speaker Bios More Speaker Bios]

Greening the Screen (45 minutes)

Thea Buckley (Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland) in conversation with South Indian film directors Abhaya Simha (dir. Paddayi, an adaptation of Macbeth set in a traditional South Indian fishing community) and Jayaraj (activist, environmentalist and director of multiple Shakespeare film adaptations including Kaliyattam, Kannagi and Veeram)

Link to Paddayi on YouTube.

[Speaker Bios]

Greening the Text: A Workshop (90 minutes, recorded live)

Led by Amrita Ramanan (Play On Shakespeare) and Alison Carey (Oregon Shakespeare Festival), featuring actros Abhata Simha (Shakespeare's Globe) and Christiana Clark (OSF), and chaired by Will Tosh (Shakespeare’s Globe).

Workshop Leader Bios Greenturgy Worksheet

Closing Session

Tribute to Emily Fournier, founder of Recycled Shakespeare Company

Launch of EarthShakes Alliance