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What is EarthShakes Alliance?

What is the EarthShakes Alliance?:
The EarthShakes Alliance is a global collective of Shakespearean theatres and companies of all sizes, each of which pledges to put environmental concerns at the heart of their practices and productions. It will be launched officially at the May 2021 Globe4Globe: Shakespeare and Climate Emergency symposium at Shakespeare’s Globe (UK). Learn more in this introduction video, which includes a short tour of this website's resources.

Why an EarthShakes Alliance?:
Shakespeare is a global phenomenon, performed and watched by more people in more contexts than any other playwright in the world. His works represent an open-access and infinitely renewable cultural resource. Unlike fossil fuels or animal species, they are inexhaustible. Furthermore, Shakespeare’s texts are acutely attuned to the relationships between human beings and nature, frequently demonstrating their interdependency. Many Shakespearean companies around the world have already adapted their practices and/or used the plays to address the current ecological crisis. The #EarthShakes Alliance will create a new coalition of companies, allowing for the sharing of resources and best practices and building a collaborative momentum for environmental and social activism.

Who can be part of the EarthShakes Alliance?:
Any theatre company or organization who is committed to reducing their environmental impact can join, and membership is free. In spring 2020, we will be signing on initial partners and building the website, which will highlight actions that various companies are taking, and anyone can use the hashtag right away.

Where else can EarthShakes Alliance be found?:
Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

The EarthShakes Alliance was founded in 2020 by Shakespeare in Yosemite co-founders and University of California Merced faculty members Katie Brokaw and Paul Prescott, and further developed by UC Merced student Ying Wei Zhang ('22). It launched officially as part of the Globe4Globe: Shakespeare and Climate Emergency symposium in April 2021, sponsored by Shakespeare's Globe (UK).

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