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Shakespeare Birthplace Trust joins EarthShakes Alliance
First heritage organization to join alliance makes major environmental pledges.
EarthShakes Alliance in Quarto Magazine
Article on EarthShakes Featured in Summer 2020 Issue of Quarto (p. 12)
Globe 4 Globe: Shakespeare and the Climate Emergency Launches EarthShakes Alliance
On wildfire smoke and outdoor theatre: SF Chronicle article on climate change in the American West
Learn about the EarthShakes Alliance
Short video introduction to the alliance and this website

Welcome to the EarthShakes Alliance

The #EarthShakes Alliance is a global collective of Shakespearean theatres and organizations of all sizes, each of which pledges to put environmental concerns at the heart of their practices and productions, and of individuals passionate about Shakespeare and ecology. Here is a short welcome to the alliance and the webiste from co-founders Katie Brokaw and Paul Prescott.

EarthShakes believes that climate change and biodiversity loss present monumental challenges to life on the planet, and understand that the effects of extreme heat, floods, food loss, pollution, and habitat destruction unequally affect those who are least responsible for human-made climate change, a concept known as environmental injustice or environmental racism. We hope to leverage whatever power Shakespeare's plays might contain to highlight these issues and imagine more sustainable and equal futures for all.

On this website you can find:

  •  More ABOUT the alliance; the EarthShakes Pledge for theatres; and information about How To Join, as a theatre or individual

  • Information about all our members, theatres, organizations, and individuals, including pages describing each company's eco-practices and eco-goals, and organized by global region

  • A packed Resource section, including interviews with eco-Shakespearean theatre-makers; books on Shakespeare and the environment; articles and essays on Shakespeare and the environment; relevant websites, podcasts, and new stories; informational and creative films and performances; and eco-resources for theatre companies

  • All of the content from the Globe4Globe: Shakespeare and Climate Emergency online conference, held 23-24 April, 2021, and sponsored by Shakespeare's Globe and UC Merced

  • Coming soon: information about past eco-productions of plays, archived scripts and promptbooks for eco-productions, and information about upcoing eco-productions, organized by play.

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