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EarthShakes Pledge

What is the #EarthShakes Alliance pledge?
This will be developed in consultation with theatres and experts in sustainability but is likely to include some of the following aspirations:

  • To care for the natural and built environments in which the company works and to consult (and amplify the voices of) indigenous and/or local communities in this work
  • To reduce carbon footprints and to minimise waste (by e.g. less and greener travel; following best practice in energy consumption; etc)
  • To reuse, rework and upcycle costumes, props and scenery, and to share these – where possible – with other local and regional theatres
  • To maximise the sustainability of off- and back-stage operations (e.g. reduced and recycled printing of programmes, posters; compostable and recyclable packaging; free water refill stations; organic and locally-sourced food, etc)
  • To attempt, wherever possible, only to receive funding and sponsorship from companies that are environmentally-friendly and have e.g. divested their interests in fossil fuels
  • To amplify the work of local and/or international conservation organizations, e.g. by donating ad space to an organization that protects the park in which a company performs
  • To stage productions that highlight the current ecological crises and our collective responsibility to address them
  • To share resources and tips on this website for fellow practitioners, activists, teachers and educators; to do likewise on social media using the #EarthShakes tag.

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks