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About Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival

"FlagShakes is located in Flagstaff Arizona, just 1.5hrs from the Grand Canyon. We are a proud mountain town at 7000ft elevation surrounded by National Forest and breathtaking natural beauty."

Mission Statement
"The mission of the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival is to faithfully portray classics of the Renaissance, as well as produce other actor-driven plays. Each Renaissance performance incorporates Elizabethan staging practices, making these plays accessible and providing a unique learning opportunity. Our performances and educational outreach enlighten our audiences and revitalize empathy. Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival is dedicated to offering exciting artistic opportunity and experience for residents of northern Arizona and visitors from around the world."

Ways that FlagShakes has already practiced “green” theatre
"Since our founding we have been interested in green ways to produce plays. We reuse staging, lighting, and chairs. We borrow and return costumes from other local orginizations and even costumed our 2018 "Tempest" entirely from a thrift store who we then returned the laundered items to. Our first play of 2020 will be costumed entirely from thrifted items with staging recycled from last year's summer season and set pieces that were all found free and locally. We are also forgoing traditional programs this year. We print on recycled paper and will be selling reusable cups this year at shows."

Ways that FlagShakes has already used their productions to highlight local or global ecological issues
"Sadly, we have not done any of these things. But I love them all and will immediately act upon donating ad space, using social media and even inviting local organizations to set up information in our lobby during shows!

The land we live on is the ancestral land of the Hopi and Dineh people the mountain our town is situated around is sacred to them. We want to begin honoring that before our shows as well."

What are FlagShakes' eco-theatrical goals and aspirations for the future? What do they want to work on and achieve? What kind of help and advice would be useful to them?
"We'd like to be carbon neutral and have our own space that is also carbon neutral. The ideas above were already very helpful and I'd love to hear more about what other companies are doing to encourage climate action that we can learn from and adopt."

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