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"We work in partnership with organisations across the globe to bring international artists into Scotland and take Scottish artists out into the world."

Mission Statement
"Our work builds on discoveries made at the reconstructed playhouses on Bankside and around the world. Everything we do starts with the plays of William Shakespeare."

Ways that the has already practiced “green” theatre
"We're very new so in a practical sense very limited so far but the intention is to build policies that recognise and engage with the ecological crisis. Our first project, and our upcoming projects will take place in spaces that are outdoors and exposed to the elements."

Ways that has already used your productions to highlight local or global ecological issues
"The two projects we have in development intend to engage very directly with global ecological issues through their content."

What are's eco-theatrical goals and aspirations for the future? What do they want to work on and achieve? What kind of help and advice would be useful to them?
"It would also be very helpful to find possible academic partnerships so that our work can respond in a way that is underpinned by rigorous research based on the latest scientific knowledge and depth of engagement with ecological issues."

Interview with founder Alasdair Hunter here

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